Language is the means by which an idea is expressed. It need not be written or verbal.

Language is performative.

I am represented culturally through language.  

The use of language is encoded through actions of the body.

Actions must be decoded  to obtain meaning.

Language is not inherently fixed, meaning is not inherently fixed.

The use of language through performative action is biased as each body enacts a different language. Concessions must be made in order to communicate.

Language is inadequate.

My language is a composite of others’. It becomes obscured to me over time.

Stereotyping is an assumed shared quality without the decoding of an action. It is sometimes necessary.



I propose an adequate language.

I propose a body that performs with awareness of two or more languages; its own and that of its audience.  

The audience too, are aware of the language of performer, together they form a culture where no concessions are made.

The Adequate Language is not defined by difference or otherness, although difference is present.

There are no binary extremes.