Show yourselves recollections!

Materialise oh you long forgotten memories!

Bring forth the images of times past before you became too numerous and meandering

A time when things were as vivid as ever


More sturdy that stretched cloth,

An obvious choice to hide

So still as to hear the tree chorus and laboured breathing,

The excitement of being in complete isolation but knowing safety, of being sought

A glimpse of pale

Unlike the eaves of His house, hoping this time not to be heard but forgotten

You are pulled from castaway status, pulled through the trails of yesterday, where tomorrow's children will tread

Rolling presently, tumbling to your fate

A flash of colour, a struggle

Defeat possible in the slalom but you are carried to the top, once more to roll

Broken skin but your interior had been made solid

Forging your own path, concealed, later I would draw you

You were never far


Resisting the urge to pick the bells your benevolent eye roams

Calling back from the bounds

Weighted. Forcing the foundations, the beige mounds beneath the free flowing sstuff

Mounds that made you.

You were made of wood before my time but the villagers didn't feel safe

Digging with a stick. Dry white hands rinsed by your gentle flow,

Worry for parched Earth

Below pointless work never ending...running...a knife's silver gleam, a makeshift bridge over treacherous ends

I did not befall them today however


Greyscale before nightfall proper

A hyperreal glow

An encounter with a fox

Not me but you

Secondhand conversations I do not recall

A fox who told of trivialities you said. We were not properly acquainted

Light pollution,

A Dull yellowish hue that taints your grey solitude

You are close,

Bringing the outside in.