Digital and Super 16mm converted to digital with sound, 23min, 2018 (excerpt)

Voiceover: Deborah Eckman


View an excerpt of the script here

The image that spits is the image which violently rejects me but sits beside me nontheless.

You can't see it here.

I cannot voice it '


A body acquires language. It must negotiate the eroding Norfolk landscape, images of the landscape and other bodies. As notions of 'I' and 'other' disintegrate, the images become unstable, unreliable and the effects of coastal erosion become clear. Film or digital; an embodied camera or passive observer, the images are inadequate.

The film stock has eroded too. Kodachrome film was once hailed for its vibrant colours and archival properties but now only able to be developed in black and white. Through a convoluted process of coloured filters, I have restored colour to the film. However anything which moves does not retain its proper colour. History is for those who have the means to fix themselves.